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Malabo International Music & Film Festival is the prime art and cultural festival in sab Saharan Africa dedicated to Music and films attracting exhibitors and visitors from within and outside the central African region, Rest of Africa, Middle East, Europe, Latin America, USA and Asia. The theme for the 50 years independence anniversary Festival is “Securing a better Future for a new independent Africa, role of music and films Festivals”. Malabo International Music and Film Festival officially Welcomes you and promise riveting, award-winning cinema from around the world. Africa has really risen to the occasion this year, with a significant upsurge of quality Music and films. It is evident that most tourists in this era now approach tourism with different expectations. Rather than just going on a sightseeing tour and sitting on the beach all day (World Tourism Organization 1999, 118), they often search intense and energetic experiences like parties or concerts. (Adebaye 2012 We are here for you help you grown your motives

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Big concerts usually attract a large number of foreign and domestic tourists, who would need short- term accommodation for one or two days while visiting a destination Unique Selling Point It could be deduced from the graph that for a holiday to be good, young people between the ages of 16 to 34 are more likely to pick action-packed/exciting, good for you/self-improving, fun/amusing destinations than other groups (Yeoman 2008, 257).

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